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  5. The amount of information and advertising regarding natural products and programs is sometimes overwhelming.
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Synergized DHEA

DHEA for Women

DHEA for Men

What we provide

I’m sure you are aware of the blinding pace of change in health and healing. Every day, hundreds of studies are published, thousands of articles are written and millions of people try to make sense of it all.

We’re all familiar with GPS- the Global Positioning System. You probably use it every day, because getting to your destination by the best possible route is important.  But I expect that your # 1 goal is a healthy, happy life, and My2048.com is designed to get you there; to be your Health Positioning System, so that no matter where you are starting from, you can arrive with a stronger, more fit body and a sharper mind.

Why 2048?

We figured that 30 years is a reasonable span of time for most of the people visiting this site. For more than 11 million baby boomers born in 1948, it is a milestone year, but everyone is going to be 30 years older in 2048. The question is, how will you look and feel? You may not be celebrating your 100th birthday. Perhaps the birth of your grandchild or the start of a new business.  Thing is, whatever you are celebrating in 2048, it will be better if you are also enjoying vibrant health.

Who we are

Dr. Natalie Kather

In every scientific study, there is one principal investigator, or PI. This person is chosen based on their experience and specialized training relevant to that particular project. Dr. Natalie Kather received her medical degree from The University of Utah School of Medicine. She is board-certified in Family Medicine, as well as Anti-aging, with specialties in women’s health, hormone balancing and human performance. Natalie is recognized as a pioneer in the emerging science of metabolic medicine, and frequently serves as Principal Investigator for clinical trials in that arena. Her clinic, Advanced Family Wellness, is located in Olympia Washington, where she lives with her husband, Stephen Cherniske.

Stephen Cherniske, M.S.

A biochemist and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition. Stephen served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, advised members of the US Olympic team, and directed the nation’s first federally licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology. A best-selling author with more than a million copies in print, Stephen has a remarkable gift for communicating breakthrough science that inspires, entertains and motivates.

Beyond the credentials

Expertise should be based no only on where one went to school, but also on what they have accomplished. If you wanted to climb a mountain, the first thing you’d do is look for a guide. And not just someone who has studied mountaineering. You would look for a guide who had already led people to the summit of the mountain you want to climb.

Likewise, if you are interested in maximizing your quality of life after age 50, you should ideally look for someone who is over 70 years old, but looks and performs like a healthy 50 year-old. That’s Stephen. At 70+, he has the same muscle to fat ratio as he did in college. His blood chemistry, brain scan, immune profile and performance tests are closer to a man in his 40’s. To a great extent, this is the result of his research and product development, all of which will be available on My2048.com.

 Core Principles

  1. Health span is more important than life span.
    When we speak of life extension, we’re not talking about another 40 years in a nursing home, but rather the ability to experience a high quality of life into your 90’s and beyond.  My2048 will identify the true breakthroughs and offer products that move the research from the field and forest to the lab and finally to your home.
  2. Products need to produce results that you can see, feel and objectively measure.
    We are credentialed scientists, but we’d never say, “trust us we’re doctors.” Instead, we say, “let us prove to you that you can look, feel and perform better at any age.” And this proof should not just be that you have more energy and feel better. You should amaze your doctor at your annual physical.
  3. No magic bullets.
    Aging is a complex series of interacting factors, so it impossible for one product or practice to be the key to health and vitality. There is, however, a systematic way to look at aging. Stephen is widely recognized as the chief architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging, a framework that is now used in hundreds of scientific investigations every year around the world.

Essentially, it is the see-saw relationship of damage and repair. When we’re young, we have astounding capacity for repair and very little damage. For most people, the see-saw is level at age 30, meaning that damage and repair are about equal. But every decade thereafter, repair tends to decline and thus damage accumulates. Importantly, unrepaired damage begets more damage, so we are faced with the harsh reality that the older you get, the faster you age

First things first

The goal – as laid out in Stephen’s book, The Metabolic Plan and his recent book, The Metabolic Makeover co-authored with Dr. Kather – is to tip the see-saw in your favor.  There are clear steps that you can take to increase repair and reduce damage every day. And by doing that, you will in a very real sense, alter the fundamental cause of aging.

The Metabolic Plan

The Metabolic Makeover

Read these article to understand Why DHEA is Important.

The first My2048™ Product launch

In keeping with core principle of first things first, My2048™ is offering:  Synergized DHEA for Women and Synergized DHEA for Men.  These products provide micronized DHEA, together with compounds that work with DHEA to produce optimal results.

Synergized DHEA for Women: 60 capsules

Each capsule provides:

15 mg micronized DHEA
75 mg DIM (diindolylmethane)
50 mg Alpha Lipoic acid
50 mg Chaste tree berry extract, (standardized to 0.5% Agnusides)

Synergized DHEA for Men: 60 capsules

Each capsule provides:

25 mg micronized DHEA
50 mg alpha lipoic acid
50 mg  DIM (diindolylmethane)


DHEA for Men & Women

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