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Healthy Skeptics Update for July 14, 2023

Healthy Skeptics Update for July 14, 2023 Stephen Cherniske, MS In 2001, my editor at Random House reminded me that I had a contract with them for two more books. “What exciting project are you working on?” she asked. I started telling her about the new genomic equipment that we had just installed, and how […]

May-June Newsletter 2023

Altea Health Sciences / Healthy Skeptics Newsletter May-June, 2023 Stephen Cherniske, MS Natalie Kather, MD Altea NANO CBD is back, better than ever, And ON SALE! à If you’re CBD-savvy, or have been using our previous Nano tincture, you can skip the education, and just enjoy the following:         * Our new Nano is back […]

November Newsletter 2022

November Newsletter 2022 November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember, and to embrace those who enrich our lives. We are thankful for good health, happiness and loving friends and family. We are most thankful for your support. We hope the Thanksgiving table is full of your favorite food and surrounded by […]

Newsletter for October 2022

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter for October 2022 Stephen Cherniske, MS About the author: Stephen Cherniske taught Clinical Nutrition at two Southern California universities and directed the nation’s first FDA-licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology.   Table of Contents I.  Pandemic News: A. Four Stages of Infection protocol B. Stephen’s paper on DHEA and Covid […]

June 2022 Newsletter

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter June 2022 NewsletterStephen Cherniske COVID I know, it’s confusing and depressing. Just when you start to feel like things could get back to normal, you see cases rising again in the Northeast and Midwest. Here in Washington, the news is contradictory; fewer hospitalizations but more infections, and lots of people – even […]

Save 10% on Nano CBD 2 Weeks ONLY!

Because life is difficult By Stephen Cherniske, M.Sc Quick story. Scott Peck was a colleague and friend. In the mid-1970’s, he was writing a book called The Road Less Traveled, and he would send me chapters for comment. When the manuscript was about to go to the publisher, he asked for one last read-through. My […]

January 2022 Health Skeptics Newsletter

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter January , 2022 Stephen Cherniske The ongoing pandemic has taken a number of turns since the last newsletter. Every day, new and important research is published regarding new variants, the effectiveness of each vaccine, the adverse side effects of vaccines vs COVID disease, government and corporate mandates, and the evolving pathophysiology of […]

Healthy Skeptics’ product newsletter October 2021

Healthy Skeptics’ product newsletter October 2021What’s inside: Update on supply chain issues, inflation, censorship and business in general. Stephen’s Crystal Ball predictions. Sale Items for October 15 through November 30 Coming soon: Ultra high potency CBD Product feedback: We hear you, and answer FAQ’s ———————————————————- Doing business during a pandemic was hard enough. Then global supply […]

Newsletter September 2021

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter September 2021Stephen Cherniske Sorry this is late. It seems every day, new and important research is published regarding new variants, the effectiveness of each vaccine, the adverse side effects of vaccines vs COVID disease, government and corporate mandates, the evolving pathophysiology of the virus and the ever-deepening rift between pro and anti-vaxers, […]

X•Altea FAQ’s

X•Altea FAQ’s What are the ingredients in X•Altea? Mind, Mood and Vital Energy: from: * Alpha-ketoglutaric acid * Pyridoxal-5-phosphate * CoQ10 * Inositol X-Altea: Vital Energy and Cell Renewal Cardiovascular support from: * D-Ribose * Organic beet concentrate * L-Arginine * Aronia concentrate Antioxidant / anti-inflammation from Altea’s best-in-the-industry superfruit concentrate. * Aronia * Amla […]

July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter By Stephen Cherniske, M.S. Please sign up for our Newsletter  COVID-19 update Lessons from the past Vaccine perspective: News you need Therapeutics update Ivermectin             B Herd and personal immunity III. Altea Health Sciences Philosophy and mission Research and product development Product News MMIS in canisters only Timed-Release Protein and Intermittent Fasting […]

FAQ’s related to starting DHEA supplementation

FAQ’s related to starting DHEA supplementation Q: Do I need to have my DHEA level tested before starting to supplement? A: First of all, the information you want is your serum DHEA sulfate, abbreviated DHEAS. This is the stable storage form of DHEA. Free DHEA is also testable, but is mainly used in endocrine research. […]

Healthy Skeptics News you can use April 9, 2021

Healthy Skeptics News you can use  April 9, 2021 Natalie Kather, M.D & Stephen Cherniske A large scale review of more than 93,000 specimens at the University of Chicago measured CBD effectiveness in preventing COVID complications. CBD’s ability to calm an over-reaction by the immune system holds the key to stopping the “cytokine storm.” This adds more evidence to […]

UPDATE for March 21, 2021

Healthy Skeptics UPDATE for March 21, 2021 Natalie Kather, M.D & Stephen Cherniske Background. We have stated that ending the COVID pandemic does not depend on vaccinating 70% of the world population; that the COVID vaccines are best intended for the vulnerable, including the elderly and those with health issues including: Lung or heart disease (including […]

COVID Update for March 9th, 2021

COVID Updates for 3/9/2021 COVID Update March 9th, 2021 You’ve no doubt read or heard about the FDA’s announcement this morning entitled: Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19You don’t have to read the whole report. The following direct quote says it all:“The FDA has not reviewed data to support use […]

Important COVID Update from Stephen & Dr. Natalie

COVID Updates for 02-16-21 We are all learning, and by “we,” I mean thinking people.  Lots of intelligent questions from the February newsletter, as well as some important new research.  Here are the most common issues. There are now 3 new mutated strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some research suggests that the Moderna and Pfizer […]