COVID UPDATE for July 10

COVID UPDATE for July 10

The quandary of inflexible ideology

A predicament. A state of intellectual paralysis.
FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube are filled with warnings of impending doom, but these positions lead to a quandary.
Position 1: The COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, perpetrated by a global conspiracy, using lockdowns, quarantine, social distancing and mask-wearing to enslave us all.
Position 2: Big Phama is evil. Doctors and scientists cannot be trusted. Any mention of the word “vaccine” proves that they are part of the conspiracy.
Quandary: An effective vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will end the need for lockdowns, quarantine, social distancing and mask-wearing. A vaccine solves the entire issue by placing the focus where it belongs: personal responsibility.
Like the flu vaccine, those with the highest risk will be encouraged to utilize the COVID-19 vaccine, while others may choose to rely on their youth, strong immunity and personal health strategies. Problem solved by Big Pharma; what a dilemma.

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