Holidays 2019

What’s better than premium quality health products formulated by a world renown biochemist and a double board-certified Family Medicine physician? Premium quality products with 15% off!

Holiday Sale: December 15th through January 15th

at both websites: and

1. offers all products manufactured and / or endorsed by Stephen Cherniske and Dr. Natalie Kather, including products containing hemp oil extracts standardized to precise levels of CBD (cannabidiol). In addition, there is a membership option that includes 20% discount, free shipping and direct access to Stephen and Natalie via personal email. NOTE that the shopping cart on uses an e-check system known as This is just as fast and just as safe as using a credit card but requires that you have an active checking account.
2. carries all products except those containing CBD. The shopping cart on uses a standard credit care merchant service.
3. ALSO, if you have enrolled in our Friends & Family program, and have your credit card on file with us, you can order by email to, subject line: MEMBER ORDER.
Here’s how to get 15% off from December 15th through January 15th:
Use Coupon Code: 15%OFF
*Offer Valid from 12/15/19 – 1/15/19 Discount good on all products
Fill up your shopping cart -> add coupon code -> receive 15% off entire purchase
 December NEWS (in case you haven’t heard)

KYSO 2.0 just launched.
KYSO is our non-stimulant energy product; a potent combination of natural ingredients that dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. More oxygen to muscles means better performance and faster recovery. People were getting great results with KYSO, but most athletes needed a bigger serving size; around 6 grams (2 level scoops). In addition, new research showed that a combination of L-Citrulline and L-Citrulline Malate works better than Citrulline alone. So we reformulated to create a 50/50 blend, along with Beta Alanine and an increased amount of inositol nicotinate.
This comes a whopping 240g lined, heat-sealed Kraft bag [no more plastic]: a month supply for a large athlete, and perhaps a two month supply for the average exerciser.
The 240g kraft bag (made with eco-friendly packaging, recyclable with your paper products) of the new and improved KYSO retails for $49.95 with discounts on three-packs.
Coming in January: Joint Venture™ the only combination of TWO patented and clinically proven plant-based anti-inflammatory compounds, together with hydrolyzed collagen, curcumin and cranberry seed extract. In the Metabolic Model of Aging, the two most damaging forces are inflammation and oxidative stress. This product addresses both of those forces AND provides hydrolyzed collagen to begin the repair process for joints tendons, ligaments and muscles.

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