Science & Wellness Wednesday

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Science & Wellness Wednesday

Stephen Cherniske, M.S. and Dr. Natalie Kather

Hosted by Catherine Raymer 06/12/2024
Transcription by Susan Magill


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introduction of Stephen cherniske, M.s and Dr. Natalie Kather, Hosted by catherine raymer


Zinzino product overview and science


Questions and answers (Q&A)    

Introduction of Stephen Cherniske M.S, and Dr. Natalie Kather

Your Host: Catherine Raymer

Hi everyone, welcome!    And welcome to our wonderful science night with Stephen and Natalie.  We’re going to get right to it, because we have a lot to talk about tonight.     It’s really exciting when we get to hear about these products and what they do for us.  Tonight we’re really going to have a lot of great information so, I would ask everybody please to mute if you can.  So then, you can put in any questions you might have, or comments, in the chat.  That would be fantastic!

So, I want to go ahead and introduce our special guests tonight.  First of all, we have Dr. Natalie Kather.  Natalie received her medical degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine.  She is Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as anti-aging, and that’s very important to a lot of us, right?  With specialties in women’s health, hormone balancing, and human performance, that’s a really exciting field!  Natalie is recognized as a pioneer in the emerging science of metabolic medicine, and she has served as the principal investigator of the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical trials. She has retired from clinical medicine a few years ago, and since has become an active Zumba member, which is so fun!  We’re just talking about your fun side, and it’s great exercise too!  And happily, she loves to work from home now and she lives in Olympia, WA with her amazing biochemist husband, Stephen Cherniske!

Stephen, he is actually a biochemist and former university instructor in clinical nutrition.  Stephen served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, advised members of the U.S. Olympic team, I love that about you, Stephen.  Stephen directed the first federally licensed clinical laboratory, specializing in nutrition and immunology.  He’s a best-selling author with over 1 million copies in print.  If you haven’t read any of his books, I highly recommend you pick those up, and you read them.  That is a mouth full, right?  I mean, these two are highly qualified, in other words, absolutely amazing, and great friends to all of us.  They are truly experts in this field!  So, take it away Dr. Natalie and Stephen Cherniske.

Stephen:  Thank you, Catherine!


Zinzino product overview & science

Stephen:  We’re going to be spending some time going thought the products in bullet point fashion with color commentary, so that everybody gets at least three things that are important about each of the products.  We’re going to do it in quiz style. So, first we’re going to quiz you, then we’re going to tell you what the answers are for the quiz.  Then, we’re going to quiz you at the end, and give you a grade point average!  No, that’s not true.  We’re going to be having a lot of fun while we learn! 

Natalie: How many products are we going to do?

Stephen: Five

Natalie:  OK, that’s reasonable.

Stephen: Let’s start with the 1st slide, which is going to tell us what we always have to say about the products, which is that they’re not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  You’re going to hear what’s called conditional words from us tonight.  You’ll hear words like, Supports!, and Helps!, and Promotes!  Those are terms that really communicate the value of the products without making claims for the treatment of a disease.  You can talk about inflammation all you want, because inflammation is part of human physiology.  Inflammation is good sometimes, when you cut yourself or you’re injured.  Inflammation is the beginning of the healing process.  At the same time, inflammation when it’s not balanced is bad, and inflammation can lead to a whole raft of diseases.  But, we don’t have to use those terms, like arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis; we simply talk about inflammation. 

And again, these products can change the way you experience the aging process.  In the late 90’s, I had a little tiff with the FTC, because I was saying back then that you could reverse the aging process.  They didn’t understand the difference between chronological age and biological age, they thought that was an unsubstantiated claim.  The agreement we came to in the end was they you could not reverse aging, but that you could definitely change the way you experience the aging process!  That little change of words got us in good stead with the FTC, and life went on nice and easy.

Product #1

Stephen: The first, beyond that, we want to talk about which of the Zinzino products matches these listed benefits?  Hmm, talk about that, Natalie.

Natalie: Alright, so I’m wanting people to try to guess, if they already know, or match these benefits to which product, right?  (Stephen: yes)

Natalie: So, Supports normal triglyceride levels, normal blood pressure and normal blood calcium levels.

Stephen: This product also Contributes to normal brain and heart function since the daily dosage contains 700 mg DHA.

Natalie: Yeah, so those are the 2 hints.

Stephen: 2 hints. DRUM ROLL… which product is that? 

It is of course, our hero product, Balance Oil+

Key Benefits: And look at the sentence, because I want everybody to understand and know, see this sentence here, the leading sentence?  That’s on the website, and I think it says it just about as good as anybody could say the Benefits of Balance Oil +.

Natalie: And it’s not with the key benefits listed, but elsewhere in the text.

Stephen: Yes.  That it contains a high amount of olive polyphenols combined with Omega-3, Omega 6, Omega 7 and Omega 9, which is exactly what you need to get your Omega 6 to 3 ratio to where it should be. That’s a powerful statement.  Now, if you want to expand on that, you can say it contributes to normal heart, brain, and immune function.

Natalie: True. It *Helps maintain polyphenol levels in your body to protect blood lipid levels from oxidative stress.  Again, another reason why it’s so good at getting you into that safe zone.

Stephen: *Contributes to normal brain and heart function since the daily dosage contains 700 mg of DHA.  So you can see that the relationship to heart function is mainly because of the DHA.  There’s more!  Natalie: There’s more!

Stephen:  * Contributes to the normal immune function since the daily dosage contains 20 micrograms of Vitamin D3.

Natalie:  Which is the same as 800 IU’s (International Units).

Stephen: OK, which is twice the RDA. (Recommended Daily Allowance)

Natalie: *Supports healthy and normal eye function since it contains 700 mg of DHA.  Again, it contains 700 mg of DHA, so this is a very nerve-oriented structure.

Stephen: *Contributes to healthy bones, muscles, teeth and cells since the daily dosage contains 20 micrograms of Vitamin D3.

Natalie:  It’s Vitamin D, it does so much more than that.  It also *Helps maintain good levels of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) or environment protecting agent, and DHA in your body.

Stephen: Helps maintain optimal Omega 6:3 levels in your body and Supports normal blood triglyceride levels, normal blood pressure and normal blood calcium levels.

Natalie:  I want to go back to this one.

Stephen: Go back

Natalie:  Helps maintain optimal Omega 6:3 levels in your body.  Maintain is the key word there.  It’s not that we get into the safe zone, and then we’re done with that.  We get into the safe zone, and we maintain our place in the safe zone, because with cumulative benefits; be ready to feel better and better, because more cells are turning over, and having better cell membrane health.

Stephen:  So again, the idea of Building a Better Body, and that should constantly be on the tip of your tongue.  We’re wanting to tell people, that they have the opportunity to Build a Better Body.

We’re all Body Builders.  I tell this story of being on a plane, and the woman next to me asks me what I do, and I say “I’m a body builder.”  She looked me over and said, “No, really”.  I said “I’m a body builder, and so are you, so is everybody on this plane.  We’re all building a new body, 300 billion cells at a time”. 

So, the idea is then, as Natalie just said, the cumulative benefits are such that the cells that are turning over rapidly that’s where you’re going to see benefits first; skin, gut, because those cells are turning over, very rapidly turning over, and then cells that are turning over more slowly, that’s the cumulative benefit you get over a period of months and years.

Natalie: Yeah yeah

Product 2:

Stephen: Now, Hm, which Zinzino product matches these listed benefits?

Natalie: Helps restore mental alertness when feeling drowsy or fatigued and improves concentration, learning, memory and reasoning. 

Natalie:  So, that’s interesting that it improves mental clarity, reasoning and learning, um, that it actually helps you feel more alert.

Stephen:  Ah ha, so it’s not sedating.

Natalie: Not sedating.

Stephen:  At the same time, it does relieve feelings of anxiousness and anxiety.  What could this be?

Natalie:  It’s my favorite!  It’s Viva!!  Alright, we heard about the hero product, this is the heroine product!

Zinzino’s heroine product Viva+

Natalie:  Key Benefits:

It wraps you in luxurious comfort, it melts away the occasional stress and helps you feel rested.

Stephen: It obviously promotes restful sleep so you can get deeper sleep, naturally.

Natalie:  It helps restore mental alertness when feeling drowsy or fatigued and improves concentration, learning, memory and reasoning.

Stephen:  It contains vitamin C and magnesium that support the nervous system and helps to relieve ordinary stress.

But wait!  There’s more!

Natalie: Yeah.  Contains vitamin C and magnesium that contribute to the relief of mental tiredness and fatigue.

Stephen:  It contains iodine, which I’m really happy to see.  A couple of products that Zinzino provides contains iodine.  That is an ingredient or nutrient that is often missing in the American diet; which is why the majority of people in the United States, right now, have insufficient iodine.  They’re not deficient in terms of risk of thyroid disease, but they are not eating enough iodine rich foods, and they are not eating iodized salt. 

One of the reasons they’re not eating iodized salt is the crazy notion that iodized salt for bad for you.  That was a hoax that was launched and perpetuated so far and wide, that when you go to any grocery store now, you’ll find pink salt, advertised as though it is better than iodized salt, but of course, pink salt has no iodine.  So, it wasn’t really a replacement for salt.  It wasn’t really an improvement, was it?  Somebody made a whole lot of money selling pink salt.  Anyway, go to your kitchen cupboard, take the pink salt, throw it away, because it will not give you iodine.  Iodine is an absolutely essential nutrient, not only for your health, not only for your thyroid, but…

Natalie: For your breasts, your prostate, your brain, yeah! 

Stephen:  Breasts, prostate and brain, anyway, so iodine and magnesium support normal cognitive function, and, iodine, magnesium and vitamin C support normal mental performance.

So, excuse me for going off on the iodine issue, but it’s really important.

Product #3:

Natalie: Alright, next one

Stephen: Which Zinzino product matches these benefits?

Natalie: *Enjoy more energy! 

So, when somebody says, I’m feeling tired, what do you got?  So, we’ve got to make sure we remember this product to talk to them about it.

Stephen:  *Provides a comprehensive program of nutritional factors needed for tissue growth and repair.

Natalie: Hm, I wonder how many people already know what this is?

It’s Xtend!

Stephen: Dah Dah Dah Dah Dat Dah!

Natalie:  It’s more than a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, it’s multi-immune.

Stephen: It’s multi-immune.  I describe it as multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, with an immune bump.

(Obviously) * Improves your bone and joint function.

Natalie: *It contributes to a normal immune system, yay!

Stephen: *A comprehensive program of nutritional factors needed for tissue growth and repair.

Now, look at the words they’re using here.  Tissue growth and repair, now what does that mean?  It means Building a Better Body, OK? 

Ah, Xtend, More! 

*Vitamins derived from natural sources – So, you’re getting the Vitamin C from acerola.  Now again, the advantage there is, acerola not only gives you the Vitamin C, but you’re also getting all those wonderful polyphenols, bioflavonoids that are associated with that fruit.

*Then you get your B-vitamins from buckwheat, right? As opposed to synthetic B Vitamins and magnesium derived from seawater, which is really; I have not seen that before, seawater derived magnesium. Alright.

Stephen: Now

Natalie: Alright.  Zinzino’s directly anti-aging product, and this is one of our key areas of interest, of course, because I’m Board Certified in anti-aging medicine.

Stephen: And, I’m old. (both laugh)

Natalie: You little cutie! 😊

Natalie and Stephen: It’s Zinogene!

Stephen: Helps to remove senescent cells. 

For those of you that are not familiar with that term, senescent cells are cells that are long past the prime of their life.  In fact, they’re not even able to clone themselves.  They’re not able to divide anymore, they’ve already reached that limit and are now just sitting there.  Now, when you’re young..

Natalie:  But, they’re not just sitting there.

Stephen:  Well yes, they’re pumping out inflammatory proteins.

Natalie: And they’re telling other cells “I’m old”, and that’s wrong.

Stephen:  Now, when you’re young of course, your immune system gobbles them up, because they’re literally sending danger signals out to the surrounding tissues. 

But then, when you’re older; listen to this, your immune system is busy, isn’t it?  It’s not only flagging in terms of its robust ability to fight infection, but your immune system is bogged down in your chronic infection in your lungs, your chronic infection that you picked up somewhere else.

Natalie: That tooth infection.

Stephen: Yeah, that abscess that’s been bothering you, but you didn’t go to the dentist.  So, your immune system is lower, when you’re older, and it’s also busy with chronic infections.  So therefore, all these senescent cells persist, and that is a huge problem.  In fact, the whole idea of a *senolytic drug or natural product*

Is fairly new, and Zinzino was right on the advanced science.  In fact, all the research that Natalie and I were doing on senolytics, Zinzino already had ‘em all!  Sofinicline, fucoidan, quercetin, in great combinations, at the clinically relevant dose!  So, this is a phenomenal product, Zinogene.

{* AI definition of senolytic drug: “A class of drug that selectively eliminates senescent cells (sc) to treat age-related diseases”.)

Natalie:  When he says clinically relevant, what that means is these nutrients either help the immune system to fully get the cells gone; to force them into what’s called apoptosis, when they collapse upon themselves, or to at least manage those inflammatory markers to a much lower amount.

Natalie and Stephen: Yup, OK

Natalie: So, “sign of age” defense strategy.  So, good for anyone over 30, 35.

Stephen: Um-hm.

Product 5

Natalie: Alright, this product

Stephen: Hm, Ultra-effective triple source combination of 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans.  Hm, Sounds really complicated, Natalie

Natalie: All derived from highly purified baker’s yeast.  This company gets it when it comes to immunity.

It is Protect!  Just one capsule a day.

Stephen:  Combining vitamin C and vitamin D3, supporting your immune system to be at its best.

Natalie: (And) *Contains vitamin C and D that contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism. 

So, the vitamin C of course, a wonderful antioxidant so that the machinery of energy making can keep going, and vitamin D not only a bioenergetic, but also a hormone that helps with mental clarity, that’s the normal psychological function that we see there. So, yeah.  They work together to protect the cells from oxidative damage.

Stephen: Oxidative damage.  You remember the see saw of damage and repair, right?  So we know that anti-aging is all about boosting repair and reducing damage, right?  Oh, here it comes, the real see saw.  Improving repair and reducing damage, that’s what we’re talking about here.  The whole idea here is that on the damage side there are two major sources, inflammation and oxidative stress.  You never have one without the other, so it’s really only one damaging force which could be called inflamm-aging, right?  So, that’s what we’re talking about here, reducing oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.

At the same time, boosting the immune system with 1-3 and 1-6 beta glucans.

Now, beta glucans are interesting.  Natalie and I have been studying beta glucans specifically derived from medicinal mushrooms.  What Zinzino chose was another source, which was the cell wall of baker’s yeast.  And again, this is highly purified.  So, if someone says “I don’t want yeast, I’m allergic to yeast, I don’t want to eat yeast”, Relax.  These are highly purified molecules called 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans.

And again, you can go to Google or pick up your phone and say “Hey, Pi, because you all have Pi now, right?  “Hey Pi, what are 1-3 1-6 beta glucans for?”

and Pi will give you a beautiful outline or you can actually go to Google, whatever you prefer.  But, do look them up, because you’ll be very impressed at how well they support immunity, and we’re talking about human clinical trials, all published in the medical literature.

From Google search: “Beta- 1,3/1,6 glucans stimulate anti-microbial activity, cellular defense, and an anti-inflammatory response.”

Natalie: And I’d like to point out that this vitamin D is derived from lichen, so its from lichen, but the D source they chose was the most bio-available for us wonderful humans.

Stephen:  That was the five product overview, I hope you’re all taking notes and writing down your questions, because that’s a lot.


Questions & Answers

Natalie:  Thank you for questions and comments. 

Doug asked would it be safe to cut open the capsule of Protect and sprinkle if on a cereal or salad?

Natalie: I think that because of the neutral flavors of those, that would be OK.

When we think about supplements of opening capsules, usually it’s ones like Zinc that’s the most irritating to the throat.  But with the contents of Protect I think it’s OK.

Stephen: The beta glucans are very neutral.

Natalie: Yes.

Natalie: So, Patricia asked, Does Xtend use whole foods?

That’s a good question, that’s where the plus(+) comes from.  They’re wanting to point out they’re from natural sources.

Stephen: Whole food sources, yes.

Natalie: So, we went over the five products, but we’re happy to answer questions about any of the other products too.

Natalie: What’s the difference between Zinobiotic and Protect.  Great question, Erik and Susan.

Stephen:  Zinobiotic is primarily a collection of compounds that support good bacteria in your gut.  It’s called a prebiotic.  So, you’re basically providing an environment that’s friendly to the good bacteria.  At the same time, you’re providing some fiber and the ultimate goal is a better gut, and one that produces what are known as short-chain fatty acids; which later on in the gut do all kinds of wonderful things.

They manufacture B vitamins, wow, really?  The gut can synthesize B vitamins?  Yes, it can.  If you’ve got the right combination of prebiotics and probiotics.

Natalie: Yes, yes.  So, the Zinobiotic is aimed at creating a better environment and feeding the good bacteria, and having good bacteria promotes immunity in that way.  And then the beta glucans which actually put the immune system on alert, and ready for any bad guys to come.

Natalie:  Good question from Jennifer.  Do you recommend that everyone take Protect every day?

Natalie:  Um, yes, with my scratchy throat I definitely recommend that you take Protect every day.

Stephen:  And again, I think it’s worthwhile to note that there are times when you’re going to be exposed to microbes, such as grand children!!  So, yeah, when you are entering a pathogen rich environment, when you’re traveling, getting on a plane, and sharing air with people on this aluminum tube (Natalie: Oh, my goodness)

Then this is something you should take.  I think If you’re not being around snotty grand children, and you’re not traveling (Natalie: like at 4:20), and you’re not dealing with a whole lot of stress which tends to zap immunity, I think you’re fine not taking Protect.

But, if you find yourself in one of those microbe rich environments, you want to make sure you’ve got your Protect in your body, helping you fend off those pathogens.  And, keep in mind, that the entire program is geared to improving your immune function.

I want to remind everyone that the barrier of the nasopharynx, the vast majority of pathogens we encounter, we encounter through the nasopharynx, the mouth, the nose, the sinuses, the whole area here.  That whole area is protected by a barrier that is supposed to keep out those bad guys, and it’s supposed to keep out those huge molecules called pollen, supposed to keep out those particulate matters called smog.  So when that barrier is disrupted, that’s when all these pathogens have access to you.  Your barrier mechanism is disrupted.  How do we know you have a disrupted barrier mechanism?  Well, that’s because you’ve got a ratio of 20 or 30 or 60:1.  By keeping yourself in the correct ratio of 3:1 or even better, 2.5:1, now we know for a fact that your barrier mechanisms are vastly improved.  That has an affect on your immune system, has an affect on your brain, that has an affect on your tendency to have allergy and asthma.  All those barriers are critically important, and they’re all improved with Balance Oil +.

Natalie:  Which goes into Julie’s very good question of:

Is there anything in Balance Oil that would be a problem for anyone with Celiac disease?

Natalie:  So, Celiac disease is a genetic disease in which they cannot have any gluten, or wheat products.  It’s very dangerous to their gut, and destructive.  But, the Balance Oil doesn’t contain any of those products at all, and it’s safe in that respect.  It’s more than just safe, it’s also effective, because just as Stephen was explaining, it helps to improve the integrity of the gut. So it’s definitely important for anyone that has any kind of gut problems going on, because that’s rapidly turning over cells.

Natalie:  Susan and Erik asked, what are your thoughts on Zinogene for 2 weeks of 4 per day, then back to regular dose for the whole month, versus 3x a day for 10 days; like this kind of pattern, which pattern works best, and for who?

Stephen:  I like 4 a day for a couple of weeks, because it’s easier for me to remember.  And at the same time, I have looked at a couple of studies that have tried to evaluate the best use of these senolytics, and I would say most of the data is in the spring cleaning concept, where at least 4 times a year you take 4 a day for a week, or maybe even 4 a day for 1 week out of every month.  Because again, it all depends how many cells are we talking about?  If you’re a healthy 35 year old, one senolytic a day is probably more than enough.  I’ll be 76 in 2 weeks, so that means I’m going to be taking my senolytics at least 4 times a day for one week out of every month, that’s my strategy going forward.

Natalie:  We should probably get our robot Alexa to remind us. 

Stephen: Ah, yes.

Natalie: Like, this is your reminder, take your Zinogene!

Natalie:  From Susan, just wondering why no Vegan from microalgae In Essent, only Vegan in Balance Oil.


Natalie:  That’s a good question, maybe there hasn’t been enough demand for that.

Stephen:  The extracting of EPA and DHA and DPA from algae is quite a feat, and as you might know, algae is not considered to be a good source of Omega fats.  They’re there, but they have to be highly, highly concentrated to get the dose that is required for this product.

Natalie:  Doug asks, is Zinogene+  a good source towards battling allergies?

Stephen:  Again, I would say your best bet against allergies is the Balance Oil+.  Because we’re still looking at improving the barrier of the gut.  Now, imagine, and we spend a lot of time talking about this in our book, The Metabolic Makeover, because we wanted people to understand there is an hourglass function.  Imagine an hourglass (Natalie holds up the Metabolic Makeover book).

Natalie:  Here it is, this one.

Stephen: Find the hourglass, if you can.

Stephen: Imagine an hourglass.  So, here you have, not you.  All the stuff that you’re eating, it’s not you, right?  Whatever it is that you’re eating, if it’s Vegan, or if it’s…

So, here’s all the stuff that you’re eating that’s not you.  Your digestive system, all the acids, all the enzymes, all the ways that you have to break down all of those foods, into what?  Into nutrients, which are very small molecules, this is why the hourglass works so well.  You have huge molecules, all broken down by the digestive tract, starting with your saliva, moving down into your stomach, and finally the small intestine.

And now, instead of all these huge molecules called chicken, fish, and broccoli and carrots, and cauliflower; all those big molecules are now small molecules, right?

They’re so small, they could be absorbed into your bloodstream.  Now what happens?  They get re-combined into very large molecules, called YOU! And that whole hourglass function.  Big molecules, down to small, tiny molecules, down to very LARGE molecules; called hair, and bone marrow, and eyeballs, and skin.  That whole function requires this powerful immune function.  But more important, a barrier mechanism that prevents these very large molecules from gaining access to your bloodstream.

We had chicken last night.  I ate the chicken, I chewed it well, my digestive system blew it into tiny little pieces called amino acids, right?  Some essential fats, but mostly amino acids and some Omega 6 fats, and nothing went into my bloodstream that was called chicken.  If that happened, an alarm would go off and it would sound something like this.  (Stephen presses a large button…imagine you have a fire drill and you’re evacuating the building!) 

There’s chicken in here!!!!  The only thing that should be in here is Stephen!!!  Not a foreign protein, with foreign DNA called chicken.  So, that’s what we have to focus on, this barrier mechanism in the gut, and that’s why we can see improvements in allergy and asthma with Balance Oil +.

Natalie:  And then, Julie says, any other products that would support Celiac?  

Natalie: So yes, vitamin D, and I’m so happy this company has the dry blood spot vitamin D test, because it’s so important for our tissue integrity, as well as our immune system, to be smart about what are true dangers and what is the host in us; and to not attack the host, but to attack the foreign agents instead.

Stephen: Yes.

Natalie: Let’s see, otherwise for Celiac, we want to make sure these people have good nutrition, and so it makes a lot of sense to have the Xtend.  We want to make sure their immune system is smart in general, Protect would make sense.  Any other thoughts about that?

Stephen: No, you hit those points.

Natalie: Oh, OK.  So when it comes to digestion, I think it’s really nice to have the protein shakes options they have.  They both have whey protein and plant-based protein options.

Natalie:  Recommendation Usage: How often with Zinoshine?

Natalie:  Each tablet contains 500 International Units of vitamin D.  And so, the best way to figure out your dose of course, is to figure out what’s your level?  Where are you at?

Stephen:  The vitamin D test.

Natalie: Yup, and then supplement so you can get into the healthy range, and of course, maintain the healthy range.  Just like with the Balance Oil, you get to a level and stop? No, no, no, you get there, and stay there, and let the repair continue.

Stephen:  I want to make one comment on that, which is, that we think that “Oh, it’s summertime, and we don’t need the vitamin D.”  No, you do, very likely need vitamin D, especially if you’re over the age of 60.  People 60 years and over, hardly convert any sunlight into vitamin D.  What else might be reducing the conversion of sunlight into vitamin D in a person who’s younger than 60?  Cholesterol lowering drugs.  Don’t forget, the action of sunlight on the skin stimulates the body to produce vitamin D from, cholesterol.

Natalie: Yup, because it’s a steroid.

Stephen:  So, since we have this phobia about cholesterol that’s been handed down from, Big Pharma, I would say, and because so many people are on cholesterol lowering drugs; and doctors, conventional doctors, have this idea that the lower, the better, right?

If a doctor can drive your cholesterol down to like, lower than 150, the doctor thinks he or she did a great job.

Not so!  When your cholesterol drops too low, multiple things happen.  Your body produces all kinds of things from chole-sterol, including all your sex steroids are coming from chole-sterol.  Anyway, that’s just one more aside.

Natalie:  I was waiting for you to say sun screen. 

Stephen:  Oh, sun screen too, there is that. 

Natalie:  Can you address how these products support weight loss?

Natalie: Yes, so, of course the Balance Oil adds integrity to the cell membranes, so the cells function better, they aren’t as hungry, right?  We like that the Xtend is good nutrition. Animals are built such that they will eat, and eat, and eat, until they get the nutrients they want.  So, providing those nutrients can help calm down those cravings.  Also, the drinks, the protein drinks, the plant-based protein drinks which are the berry and the vanilla; and then the whey protein-based drinks that are the strawberry and the chocolate.  Those are also important for helping manage cravings, because an animal, even a goat, will keep eating, and eating, and eating, until it gets enough protein.  So, the protein also satisfies, and can also help anxiety.  Then of course, we love how Viva helps with mental clarity, helps manage stress.  So, that can be a great asset for helping to burn off fat by avoiding high carb foods and things like that.

Stephen:  And there’s also a bioenergetic component to Balance Oil+.  When you improve cell function, you improve energy function.  When you have more energy, you’re more likely to exercise, so that plays a key role also, obviously, in maintaining ideal body weight.

Natalie:  And then vitamin D, it helps increase muscle health, and if you have healthy muscles, you do a better job of burning fat.  And that’s really what we want, to be able to burn fat and create real energy.

Natalie:  The best way to use the skin serum?

Morning and night after cleansing your face.  It feels really good on the skin, I appreciate that about that product.

Natalie:  Hook Products.  So, this person is asking about different neurological problems in the first two questions.  So, when it comes to brain health, yes, it’s the Balance Oil or Essent capsules, and of course, the Viva.  We want to make sure the Xtend is part of that.  A lot of people don’t realize that we actually have 2 brains, the one in our head, and the one in our gut.  So, a healthy gut is really important in the process of creating better mental clarity as well.  In fact, there are more receptors in the gut for (Stephen: GABA)

Natalie: GABA, than there are in this wonderful neurological thing in my skull.

Natalie: Alright, lots of good questions.  Thank you everyone for participating tonight.  Any other thoughts for tonight?

Stephen:  No, that’s wonderful.

Natalie:  We look forward to seeing you all same time next week.  We appreciate all that you do.  You are loved! Thank you for being part of our team!

Stephen:  Bye for now!

Everyone: Bye, and numerous thank you’s. 😊

Participant Comment: Thank you for another invaluable course.  Man, you guys are extraordinary!   Thank you.

Stephen:  Thank you, Doug.   



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