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Advanced Food Supplement for Adult Dogs to Support ENERGY & MOBILITY

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MOJO for Dogs

Advanced Food Supplement for Adults Dogs to Support ENERGY & MOBILITY

Mojo for Dogs FAQ
What can u give a dog for pain?
What can I give a dog for inflammation?
Is aspirin for dogs?
Mojo for DogsTM says “Give them the benefit of repair!”
Whether large breed or small breed, when a dog is in pain, it affects the whole family.
Is my dog in pain?
Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when a dog is in pain. Some signs that a dog is in pain may include anxiety, agitation, vocalization,
trembling, restlessness, increased breathing rate, increased heart rate, reduced appetite, depression, excessive grooming, inflammation,
and a reluctance to move.
What do I do if my dog is in pain?
The answer can depend on the cause. If your dog is in pain, it’s best to begin by having your dog examined by a knowledgeable veterinarian. A veterinarian can confirm whether or not a previously diagnosed issue is worsening, or identify any newly emerging health issues. We love our dogs and want to make sure they get the best and proper care.
What can I give my dog for pain?
What can I give a dog for inflammation?
Is aspirin for dogs?
If your dog is in pain, your veterinarian may recommend inflammation medicine, such as aspirin (NSAIDs), or OTC pain medicine. Some people
wonder about the harms and benefits of aspirin for dogs’ pain. Though it can temporarily help control pain, there is a down-side to giving a
dog aspirin, especially repeatedly. Some possible side effects of aspirin in dogs include gastric ulcers (if prolonged use), loss of
appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, coma, and loss of blood clotting capabilities.
What can I give my dog for pain that doesn’t have side effects?
Mojo for DogsTM! If the dog in pain is suffering from age related stiffness and fatigue, they may benefit from this supplement. Joint
discomfort is a common underlying cause of pain in dogs. Dog back pain is also common. Veterinarians addressing polyarthritis in dogs have discovered that the nutrients in Mojo for DogsTM not only help decrease damage, but also promote repair!
The ingredients in Mojo for DogsTM are natural and safe. Give your dog the benefit of repair with Mojo for DogsTM!



  • Comprehensive plant-based anti-inflammatory
  • Inhibits 5-LOX Univestin™
  • Balanced COX-1 and COX-2 suppression
  • Powerful & comprehensive antioxidant protection

Cranberry seed extract

  • Supports connective tissue repair Hydrolyzed collagen


True anti-aging

  • Supports youthful immune competence
  • Supports youthful brain & nervous system
  • function by improving the DHEA/ cortisol Ratio
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Promotes weight loss in obese dogs even without a reduced calorie diet
  • Reduces DNA damage in brain and peripheral blood lymphocytes.


MOJO-A-Dog is not a drug. It contains baicalin, catechins and anti-inflammatory flavans and flavones derived from natural botanical sources.  The hydrolyzed collagen is from bovine sources and, like the cranberry seed extract, is food grade for human use.

* Published clinical trials available on request

Manufactured by:
Altea Health Sciences. Inc – 5103 Carole Dr. NE Olympia WA 98516 (360) 878-8751 – Lot ID No. October, 2018



Happy reporting from British Columbia on Cedar’s results using MOJO for Dogs. (Brown/white dog in pics below)
My best friend Cedar has been by my side for 10 years now. She has been an awesome companion in my active life. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, surfing, snow shoeing and basically anything and everything that I do. Over the last couple of years I have had to back off of some of the extremes in length and speed as I started to notice the repercussions of Cedar’s stiffness and soreness.
I decided to give your product a try to support Cedar and the high activity life that we still live. She loves this life and has never really wanted to slow down but wear and tear has been catching up with her.
After two weeks, I had already noticed her recovery was so much shorter in length. It’s as if the stiffness and tension after long hard outings is no longer present. I noticed her leading the way through the tough snow on our dog adventures and keeping up with the young dogs. Not only keeping up, but instigating play and chase and wrestle with the 2 year olds pups.
We are almost 4 weeks in now and it is still this way. I am so grateful for your vision and this product.
Thank you Thank you



Bello is our 8 year old golden retriever who was in so much pain, he would groan getting up or laying down. After just one week on MOJO for Dogs, we noticed a big difference in his energy level. He even started to initiate play with our 2 year old retriever!  And then I realized, “hey; he’s not groaning or whimpering anymore!”  We love this product!

Sharon Breimhorst, Salinas, CA

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Altea Health Inc.

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