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Healthy Skeptics Update for July 14, 2023

Healthy Skeptics Update for July 14, 2023 Stephen Cherniske, MS In 2001, my editor at Random House reminded me that I had a contract with them for two more books. “What exciting project are you working on?” she asked. I started telling her about the new genomic equipment that we had just installed, and how […]

May-June Newsletter 2023

Altea Health Sciences / Healthy Skeptics Newsletter May-June, 2023 Stephen Cherniske, MS Natalie Kather, MD Altea NANO CBD is back, better than ever, And ON SALE! à If you’re CBD-savvy, or have been using our previous Nano tincture, you can skip the education, and just enjoy the following:         * Our new Nano is back […]

November Newsletter 2022

November Newsletter 2022 November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember, and to embrace those who enrich our lives. We are thankful for good health, happiness and loving friends and family. We are most thankful for your support. We hope the Thanksgiving table is full of your favorite food and surrounded by […]

Newsletter for October 2022

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter for October 2022 Stephen Cherniske, MS About the author: Stephen Cherniske taught Clinical Nutrition at two Southern California universities and directed the nation’s first FDA-licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology.   Table of Contents I.  Pandemic News: A. Four Stages of Infection protocol B. Stephen’s paper on DHEA and Covid […]