Four Stages of Infection

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The Four Stages of Infection

Stage 1:  EXPOSURE

Mucosal Immunity

* Zinc: 30 mg/d

* DHEA: 15 to 50 mg/d to maintain
youthful serum DHEAS levels

Immune Competence:

* HVNFD devoid of sugar
* Vitamin D: 5,000 to 10,000 iu/d  M-F
* Medicinal Mushroom concentrates:
1-2 g/d. Double at first sign
* Selenium: 200 mcg on Sunday
* Melatonin: 2-6 mg/before bed

Stage 2: Infection

Immune Response:

* Medicinal mushrooms, Beta glucan
* Vitamin D, zinc,
* Quercetin: 1 to 3 g/d,
* Vitamin A (as palmitate) 10,000 to 25,000 iu/d M-F

Sequestering free iron:

* IP-6: 1-2 g/d

Clotting issues:

* Fish Oil: EPA, 900 mg/d

Stage 3: Escalating Infection

Excessive inflammation / Cytokine Storm

* Curcumin: 300 mg to 2 g/d

* Plant-based anti-inflammatories:
Scutellaria bicalensis
acacia catechu
Morus alba
Boswellia serrate

* Resveratrol: 125 to 250 mg/d
* Fish oil
* Vitamin D

Stage 4: Recovery / Repair

* Sleep
* Stress management
* Exercise
* HVNFD devoid of sugar



1 thoughts on “Four Stages of Infection

  1. Ken Cohen says:

    Dear Grampa ‘Sneban,
    Looks like dhea is an important component for improving mucosal immunity..?
    Is dhea supplementation adwiseable for those who have had returning symptoms of BPH?
    Gottum any photos from Albany days, to show my daughter?
    Is your newsletter going out yet? I’d like to be on your list.
    KC, Hawaii/New York

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