Stephen Cherniske, biochemist and co-founder of My2048, has announced that he is releasing an e-book version of his book, “The Case For DHEA.” Cherniske is well-known for his 1996 best seller, The DHEA Breakthrough and the 2003 blockbuster, The Metabolic Plan, both published by Random House. My2048 offers products based on Cherniske’s research, including Synergized DHEA for Men, Synergized DHEA for Women and DHEA Target Therapy.
Stephen Cherniske says, “I’m sure you are aware of the blinding pace of change in health and healing. Every day, hundreds of studies are published, thousands of articles are written and millions of people try to make sense of it all. The problem is knowing what to explore and what to ignore.”
Cherniske and his wife, Dr Natalie Kather, launched My2048.com to help people navigate the confusing world of health and healing. Dr. Kather obtained in her medical degree from The University of Utah School of Medicine. She is board-certified in Family Medicine and Anti-Aging, specializing in women’s health, human performance, and hormone balancing. She serves as Medical Director of Advanced Family Wellness in Olympia Washington.
In 2014, this dynamic duo released The Metabolic Makeover, which provides a step-by-step program to optimize energy production and quality of life. No surprise, DHEA plays a prominent role as the # 1 Metabolic Modifier, followed by resveratrol, creatine, Peruvian Maca and 26 additional compounds to help you experience greater and more consistent energy.
DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands and brain. Its main function is to stimulate repair. As Cherniske explains, “aging is fundamentally a see-saw of damage and repair. DHEA levels peak between the ages of 18 to 30. We refer to those decades as the “prime of life,” because DHEA enables us to rapidly recover from illness and injury, and also stimulates sex drive. After age 30, however, the see-saw starts to tip against us. DHEA levels are falling, so that by age 40, most people are starting to experience more damage than repair. This leads to degeneration and often serious health problems. By age 70, the average man or woman is producing only about 10% of the DHEA they had in their 20’s.
The good news is that you can restore DHEA to youthful levels by taking an oral supplement. Dr Kather explains the benefits of Synergized DHEA compared to what you might find in a health food store. “DHEA works best,” she says, “when it is combined with nutritional cofactors. Each capsule of Synergized DHEA for women provides 15 mg of DHEA, 50 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, 75 mg of DIM (diindolylmethane) and 50 mg of chaste tree berry extract. That comprehensive approach provides additional benefits and greater safety. Synergized DHEA for Men provides 25 mg of DHEA, 50 mg of alpha-lipoic acid and 50 mg of DIM.
People who have already tried some of these products have positive things to say. One customer left a five star review and stated, “My order came very fast, and I was glad to see there isn’t a lot of extra packaging used in shipping this product. I also like that it came from a reputable company owned by a biochemist who wrote two books on DHEA. Like most people over 40, I was losing muscle and gaining fat – even though I was working out – and my doctor suggested 50 mg of DHEA per day. This product has 25 mg of DHEA per capsule, so it’s easy to take two per day, and the bottle contains 60 capsules which is a month supply. This formulation of “DHEA for men” also contains synergistic co-factors. I plan to have my DHEA level checked at my next physical, but I am already feeling more energy and I’m seeing better muscle definition after only a few weeks. Wow! And I’ve lost 6 pounds without making any other changes.”
Those who are interested in any of the DHEA supplements can visit the My2048 site or contact them by phone: 360-878-8751 or email to support@My2048.com.

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