Joint Venture™


Announcing: Joint Venture™, the first and only product to provide two research-proven plant-based anti-inflammatories with high-potency curcumin and organic cranberry seed extract.

Joint Venture™ available now from Altea Health Sciences. 60 capsules only: $39.95

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Announcing: Joint Venture™, the first and only product to provide two research-proven plant-based anti-inflammatories with high-potency curcumin and organic cranberry seed extract.

As most of you know, Stephen is considered to be the chief architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging. Described in The Metabolic Plan (Random House 2003) and later expanded in The Metabolic Makeover (Altea Media 2013) this is now the predominate model used in aging research worldwide.

In this model, aging is seen as a see-saw of damage and repair, at the organ, tissue, cell and DNA level.  Importantly, the most damaging force is inflammation. Aside from the obvious damage to joints, tendons and ligaments, silent inflammation increases our risk to virtually all major causes of death. Stephen worked for 15 years on a research project that developed an extraordinary approach to this issue: a plant-based compound known as Univestin®. Supported by 9 published studies and protected by international patents, Univestin has been used by hundreds of thousands to restore healthy inflammation, resulting in improved joint comfort and range of motion.

The same lab has developed, tested and published studies using a second plant-based anti-inflammatory known as Amlexin®.  Combined with Univestin, this offers the most comprehensive approach ever developed to deal with the most damaging force in human physiology.

What could make this even better? A high-potency (95% curcuminoids) curcumin concentrate, and organic cranberry seed extract. The result is Joint Venture™ available now from Altea Health Sciences.

60 capsules only: $39.95

Even better?

You can use Joint Venture, confident that you are effectively addressing the damaging side of the see-saw. But what about the other side, REPAIR? That’s where CollaMacaVera™ comes in. Launched two weeks ago, this product contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides, organic Peruvian Maca and the highest possible concentrate of aloe vera, to provide a comprehensive rebuild and repair support for joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and skin.  For details and published scientific support click on this link COLLAMACAVERA

Published Scientific support for Joint Venture™

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