3 thoughts on “COVID-19 PREVENTION

  1. Karen Lewinski says:

    I am trying to get info re: save sanitizing. Could you recommend items to sanitize safely or recommend a site that you’ve seen.

    • Stephen A Cherniske says:

      As far as I know, disinfecting surfaces can be done with any wipe that has more than 70% alcohol. the greeter at our Costco hands me one before I grab the shopping cart so I can sanitize the cart handle. But you don’t want to be using a
      lot of those on your hands. For hands and face, we recommend alcohol-free Purell Wipes. Hope this helps!

  2. braddahles says:

    Question: I am under a medical doctor’s supervision for testosterone (cypionate?). Would taking DHEA complement/support, conflict, or no change?

    Thank you.


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