After our Friday FaceBook LIVE video, we’ve been flooded with calls, emails and texts. We spent the weekend responding to these issues, helping people make important decisions and exploring ways to reduce risk for this terrible virus. Click here to view our video on COVID-19 prevention.


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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 PREVENTION

  1. Karen Lewinski says:

    I am trying to get info re: save sanitizing. Could you recommend items to sanitize safely or recommend a site that you’ve seen.

    • Stephen A Cherniske says:

      As far as I know, disinfecting surfaces can be done with any wipe that has more than 70% alcohol. the greeter at our Costco hands me one before I grab the shopping cart so I can sanitize the cart handle. But you don’t want to be using a
      lot of those on your hands. For hands and face, we recommend alcohol-free Purell Wipes. Hope this helps!

  2. braddahles says:

    Question: I am under a medical doctor’s supervision for testosterone (cypionate?). Would taking DHEA complement/support, conflict, or no change?

    Thank you.


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