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Important Update to the Healthy Skeptics February Newsletter

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In the section on Ivermectin, I described my frustrating encounter with my primary care provider. In summery:

  1. They know I am a biochemist, published in the medical literature, and a patent holder in biotechnology.
  2. I brought the results of three human clinical trials showing that Ivermectin is a reliable treatment for Covid-19, and may even work as a preventive.
  3. I brought the protocol from the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, showing the precise dose schedule for Ivermectin, including a chart showing its benefits compared to 7 other treatments.
  4. I informed them that I had taken Ivermectin in the past and tolerated it well.

And still, the doc refused to give me a prescription because it was “not approved by the FDA for the treatment of Covid-19.”

Now, the good news: You don’t need to argue or plead with your doctor. And you don’t need to pay a $500 “consultation” fees like some on-line docs are charging. I got my prescription in 24 hours from Push Health.


I paid a $65 consultation fee, answered a few questions, and picked up my prescription this morning at my neighborhood Walgreens.

I’m not allowed to tell you how much and how often to take this drug, but you can read the protocol from the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, and discuss with your physician. Go here:




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