DHEA for Men | DHEA for Women – Infographic

DHEA for men / DHEA for women infographic

Why DHEA First?

  • DHEA is the most comprehensive repair signal in the entire body and brain
  • DHEA is made primarily in the adrenals and the brain
  • DHEA is the most abundant circulating hormone, initiating or contributing to more than 150 repair functions.
  • DHEA production peaks during the “prime” of life (age 18 to 30) then starts to decline.
  • At age 70, most people are producing only 10 to 15% of what they made at age 25.
  • DHEA is safe enough that it was made an over-the-counter hormone in 1994 by the FDA.
  • DHEA supplements usually have a shelf life of two years.
  • An oral dose of DHEA is fully metabolized within eight hours.
  • DHEA supplements come from the Mexican yam plant hormone diosgenin, converted in a laboratory into DHEA.

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