June 2022 Newsletter

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June 2022 Newsletter
Stephen Cherniske


I know, it’s confusing and depressing. Just when you start to feel like things could get back to normal, you see cases rising again in the Northeast and Midwest. Here in Washington, the news is contradictory; fewer hospitalizations but more infections, and lots of people – even those vaccinated and boosted – getting Covid again. 

So, the virus shows no signs of disappearing, variants sidestep the vaccines, and it appears that we may be experiencing waves of infections two or three times a year.

What to do.

You know what I’m going to say. Exactly what Natalie and I said in February of 2020.  What we explained on our videos and posted on our websites… And importantly, what we’ve observed now for almost three years in hundreds of friends, associates, neighbors and Healthy Skeptics members:

  1. Build and maintain peak immunity. Here’s the link. Print it out and put it on your refrigerator. https://my2048.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/4-Stages-of-Infection-1.pdf
  2. Exercise! Everyone knows that exercise is important for weight management and cardiovascular health. Most people know that it is also important for blood sugar balance. But lots of people miss the connection between exercise and immunity. I could go through all the biochemical details, but suffice to say that exercise stimulates immunity in about a dozen ways, not the least being that the heat generated by exercise (even before you start sweating) specifically activates ant-viral defenses. Of course, if you have Covid or the flu, rest is really important, and often you can’t even think of getting out of bed. But, the moment when you feel well enough to get out of bed is the time to start moving; gently at first, but consistently, in order to get all the immune machinery (mainly in the lymphatic system) working again.
  3. We believe that our product, MMIS (Multi Mushroom Immune Support) is a must-have for these challenging times. Here’s 4 things you need to know about MMIS.
  4. It’s concentrated. We use concentrates (usually 3:1) not just dried and ground up mushrooms. Thus you get more of the medicinal compounds, most of which are polysaccharides. And the most bioactive polysaccharide is beta-glucan. Beta glucan is so important, we add 16 grams of pure beta-glucan to each canister. That makes MMIS the most powerful mushroom-based immune support product on the market.
  5. It has a pleasant umami taste. Many people add a scoop to their coffee, or make a tea by adding to a cup of hot water.
  6. It’s not expensive. MMIS retails for $99.50 with Healthy Skeptics Member price of $79.95. But that’s at least a two-month supply.
  7. It’s on sale. We believe that MMIS is so important, we’re offering 10% off through July 1st. You don’t want to miss this, because our raw material and shipping costs are skyrocketing; meaning that we will have to increase the price for this product in the 3rd quarter.


  1. DHEA … again

In the “told you so” category, research has confirmed that people with higher levels of DHEA got through Covid a lot better than folks with low levels of DHEA as measured by DHEA sulfate blood levels.


  1. Front Endocrinology. 2021 Jul 2;12:645787. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2021.645787. eCollection 2021. Spectrum of Endocrine Dysfunction and Association With Disease Severity in Patients With COVID-19: Insights From a Cross-Sectional, Observational Study. Liza Das, et al.
  2. Front Endocrinology. 2021 Jun 18;12:694083. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2021.694083. eCollection 2021. Testosterone Deficiency Is a Risk Factor for Severe COVID-19

Lukas Lanser, et al.

Next month

In July, we’ll finish our review of the biomedical literature, showing that maintaining optimal levels of DHEAS is the single most important step you can take to protect your beautiful brain from age-related decline and various forms of dementia.

Question: Does that mean Synergized DHEA for Men and Women will be on sale in July?

Answer: No. And here’s why. Raw material costs for Synergized DHEA have increased each year since we launched the product in 2018, and we’ve never raised the price. We’re that committed to your health and longevity.

Stephen and Natalie

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