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Because life is difficult

By Stephen Cherniske, M.Sc

Quick story. Scott Peck was a colleague and friend. In the mid-1970’s, he was writing a book called The Road Less Traveled, and he would send me chapters for comment. When the manuscript was about to go to the publisher, he asked for one last read-through. My only comment was, “Scott, you can’t start a book with the sentence, ‘Life is difficult.’ That’s depressing.”  “Well,” he replied, “It stays. I want people to know where I stand right from the start.”  And of course, the book went on to help millions of people around the world, specifically because it didn’t sugar-coat the fact that life    is    difficult.

My point is that we can make it less difficult by paying attention to an extraordinary system in human physiology that is designed to maintain homeostasis or balance. The endocannabinoid system or ECS touches and integrates vast areas of our brain, peripheral nervous system, immune system and endocrine system. It was only discovered about 30 years ago, and we are learning more every week. We are learning where these amazing cannabinoid compounds are created by the body (mostly derived from essential fats). We’re learning where and how they interact with receptors throughout the body and brain, and how external cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) support and optimize the ECS.

People are experiencing remarkable benefits with Nano CBD. People who have used CBD before are telling us that this is a game-changer, and we know why. Most everyone was under-dosing with conventional oil tinctures standardized to 300 or 500 mg per fl oz. Nano CBD provides a minimum of 3,000 mg of CBD per fl oz and what’s more, nano processing creates a particle so small, the material becomes water-dispersible. That means far greater bioavailability, and a wider range of benefits.

With Nano CBD, people are waking up in the morning with a sense of joy and optimism that they haven’t felt since childhood. Others tell us about their ability to deal with stressful situations in new and creative ways, having new insights, better memory, and of course sleeping like a rock and waking up refreshed instead of hung over from some toxic sleep med.

Finding the right dose requires some experimenting. Nano CBD is too strong to put directly under the tongue. So start with 10 drops in 4 or 6 oz of water about 15 minutes before bed. If you use melatonin, keep the same dose, as CBD and melatonin work well together. If you don’t use melatonin, don’t start until you evaluate the effects of the Nano CBD. If you sleep well at 10 drops but wake up feeling groggy, decrease the dose to 7 drops. If you don’t sleep like a rock, increase to 14 or 15 drops. You’ll figure it out. We have chronic pain people using 10 drops three times a day, enabling them to reduce or eliminate their narcotic pain pills. This product is second only to DHEA in terms of quality of life benefits. We look forward to hearing your story.


Save 10% on Nano CBD February 1 through the 14th.

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